Across the world, in both developed and emerging economies, our sense of place and community is being challenged. Our traditional connections, found once in smaller villages and communities are being dismantled.  Today humans are often more digitally connected but increasingly feeling disconnected.

The village support system that once was so crucial to our sense of self and security is shaking. Many of us, are craving a sense of village, a place we can access and lean on at any time across all aspects of our lives.

Micro-challenges present themselves throughout our life.  Our research shows that many are not sharing with those closest to them, like friends and family, for of fear of being judged, being a burden or simply because they would not understand. But for people to share, it’s important they feel safe and understood. So where can people go for free, 24/7, free of burden, judgement or fear? How can we use technology for good and connect people around the world who may be going through or have gone through a ‘like’ experience? These questions have brought us to build our app, a Peer-2-Peer platform for emotional support. Read more.

We exist because no human should ever feel alone in their thoughts or situation. 

Our mission is to create the world’s most trusted destination for people to tap into and access emotional support at any time. 

Our vision is for the act of giving to become a simple daily ritual. 


We align and support United Nation Sustainable Development Goal 3#: Good Health and Well-Being:  Society needs more mechanisms that promote and protect mental health and foster resilience to stress and adversity.

Research proves access to support is highly effective against the development of mental problems, especially depression.