Global Village Co


Global Village exists because we believe no one should ever feel alone in their thoughts or situation. We're building the ‘Quora for emotional support’, which has the potential to increase wellbeing in people all over the world and contribute to addressing the global epidemic of loneliness, depression and anxiety. 

Micro-challenges present themselves throughout our life.  Our research shows that many are not sharing with those closest to them, like friends and family, because of fear of being judged, being a burden or simply because they would not understand. 

For people to share, it’s important they feel safe and understood. There are so many others around the world who may be going through or have gone through a ‘like’ experience. Imagine the pool of information, advice and tips we could access if there was a place we could tap into and access people with ‘like’ experiences at any time.

We are building an online platform, a safe and trusted place, a power-source of human support, where people can connect with others, be it locally or globally, to support each other by simply sharing their knowledge and learnings.

There are 3 simple ways to connect & share:

  1. ASK Reach out to the village and ask a question publicly or anonymously any time you choose. Choose to seek practical or emotional support, whether you would like to receive answers by the whole community, female only or male only.. you are in control.

  2. GIVE Support by responding to someones question by providing tips or sharing your own experience so they don’t feel like they are the only ones going through something. There is immense power in reaching out and helping others. Giving has profound health benefits not only for those who receive it but also for our own personal health.

  3. CONNECT Create a group around a shared interest or to influence change, be it in your community or around the world.

Across the world, in both developed and emerging economies, our sense of place and community is being challenged. Our traditional connections, found once in smaller villages and communities are being dismantled. 

The village support system that once was so crucial to our sense of self and security is shaking. Many of us, are craving a sense of village, a place we can access and lean on at any time across all aspects of our lives. Global Village is harnessing the power of technology to create a 24/7 village network of support that can be tapped into at any time.

Magic happens when you can connect with another human who has been through (or is going through) a like experience. They are not always your nearest and dearest.