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Global Village is a social enterprise who passionately believe that no one should ever feel alone in their thoughts or situation.

Global Village

Australian adults experience emotional distress each year.

Global Village

Of the time we don’t share personal concerns with those closest to us.

Global Village

Australian adults are lonely - despite being surrounded by others

We are on a mission to help people become emotionally fit. Emotional health is strongly related to mental health and has a significant impact on our ability to cope with everyday stressors, achieve a level of contentment with our situation and move towards positive change.

We focus on four enablers, underpinned by the insight that there is immense power in sharing:

  • acknowledging that self-discovery is the start of positive change

  • harnessing the scientifically proven health benefits of giving

  • connection and the power of sharing with others

  • collaboration to bring our work to life





A Peer-2-Peer marketplace to give and receive emotional support. Track your giving fitness and set giving goals.



Story is a free magazine connecting people through the power of sharing a learning, shift or insight from a moment in their lives.

Global Village


The coming together of organisations and individuals to ignite change for better mental and emotional health.

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Wheel of life


Positive change starts with self discovery. Life Wheel provides extended whole insights for personal exploration.

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