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Global Village is a social enterprise who passionately believe that no one should ever feel alone in their thoughts or situation.

Loss of connection is one of the leading causes of depression and anxiety. In a world where we find ourselves more connected than ever before, we find ourselves more disconnected and lonely than ever before. We can be surrounded by people that love us and we love them yet feel lonely; feel like we are the only ones going through something or the only ones having certain thoughts.

Global Village

Australian adults experience emotional distress each year.

Global Village

Of the time we don’t share personal concerns with those closest to us.

Global Village

Australian adults are lonely - despite being surrounded by others


Too many barriers exist to share. This is evident, if we have a look at how much we share with our immediate community, which usually consists of friends and family. We find ourselves sharing less as too many barriers exist for us to share. Barriers like fear of being a burden (we don’t like to worry others with our problems) or they wouldn’t understand, fear of being labelled or judged and we all know the stigma and shame associated with emotional struggle.

So here we are, not sharing, not connecting and we progressively find ourselves alone in our thoughts or situation. We hold it all in and overtime it compounds, leading to depression and anxiety.

Global Village focuses on five enablers, underpinned by the insight that there is immense power in sharing:

  • connection and the power of sharing with others

  • harnessing the scientifically proven health benefits of giving

  • highlighting emotional health

  • collaboration to bring our work to life

  • investing in projects that support emotional wellbeing

So, if we are not sharing with those close to us, how do people connect in the modern world? Who we are, as we are, as long as we present as authentically as we can, we have the power to help someone by simply sharing.

Our upbringing, environment, career, relationships, choices we make, roles we play, all help shape our life experiences. Throughout these life experiences we also experience trauma and trauma is different for everyone, as trauma comes in many different sizes. Yet all these life experiences produce something very powerful, they produce LEARNINGS, making us mini experts of our own experiences.

Each one of us is a powerhouse of knowledge and insight. We are one of the most unique and powerful resources in the world.


There is a lot to learn from our indigenous brothers and sisters. This knowledge is POWERFUL and like our indigenous brothers and sisters have done for generations before us, we have a strong responsibility to share this knowledge we hold within us and use it to help others, which in turn heals us.

By sharing, we are helping others see that through adversity there’s hope, that they are not alone in what they may be going through or how they may be feeling but also in the act of sharing, in the ‘doing’, we are also showing others the HOW. The HOW to share and connect, making it addictive and contagious.

Sharing is the new type of giving. When we share, we are not only healing ourselves, we are also helping someone feel less alone, creating positive impact on the receiver and the giver. The benefits of the simple act of giving are profound.

A new type of wellness. It is well documented that being of service to others and giving is critical to generating feelings of contentment and a state of wellbeing.

Science proves giving has profound health and wellbeing benefits for both receivers and givers.

We are on a mission to help people feel less alone





A Peer-2-Peer marketplace to give and receive emotional support. Track your giving fitness and set giving goals.



Story is a free magazine connecting people through the power of sharing a learning, shift or insight from a moment in their lives.

Global Village


The coming together of organisations and individuals to ignite change for better emotional health.

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Positive change starts with self discovery. Life Wheel provides extended whole insights for personal exploration.

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