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We are on a mission to help people become emotionally fit.



Emotional health has a significant impact on our ability to cope with everyday stressors, achieve a level of contentment with a situation and move towards positive change.

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We offer a mix of platforms to strengthen emotional health, from digital, to tactile, to experiential, all powered by sharing.

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The act of giving has scientifically proven health benefits. It’s with this knowledge Global Village will launch their app to deliver a new choice for wellbeing.

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Global Village

Australian adults experience emotional distress each year.

Global Village

Of the time we don’t share personal concerns with those closest to us.

Global Village

Australian adults are lonely - despite being surrounded by others.



Story - The Magazine, is an act of kindness. We all have a story to share that has the power to move, inspire or simply let someone know they are not alone in their thoughts or situation.



We believe no one should ever feel alone in their thoughts or situation.

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When we need someone to talk to about a personal difficulty, we often seek not sympathy but cognitive empathy, not pity but a sense that the person really understands our difficulty. The sense that someone truly understands us can be cathartic and powerful.” ⁣
— - Mario Louis Small, Havard University


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