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We have mined the largest commodity in the world and packaged it, to create the most exciting offering of our time.  It’s addictive and contagious.  It will transform the way people support each other and in the process, reinvent the global wellness dialogue.  

We're building a Peer-2-Peer marketplace for emotional support.


Like other passionate founders, we've got skin in the game. We have put everything on the line to bring Global Village to life.  

Like other tenacious founders, we eat, breathe and sleep Global Village.

Like other smart founders, we have validated our idea, built a prototype and continue to test n learn.

Unlike most other founding teams, we have 40 years of business acumen between us.  (And another 125 years of experience between our killer advisory board).

Unlike most other founders we have a network like no other, we've built respect and we have proven leadership capability.  

Unlike most other founders we think completely outside the box.  We're aware of risks and address them head on. We pivot and see golden opportunities that others may miss.  We will augment equity capital with sponsorship revenue, designed to provide select brand partners opportunities they could not otherwise buy, and a strategic way for Global Village to pre-launch with a high-integrity early user base.  Meaning less dilution for you and for us...

If you want the chance to understand more about how our platform will completely reinvent the global wellness dialogue (a $4.2 trillion industry by the way), we'd love to talk.


Tech partners OR investment of $350,000 AUD


We are ready,
and with your help
we can build Global Village
& leave a positive legacy.


Natalie Mogford
+ 61 403 229 812

Olivia Brown
+ 61 409 394 784

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