Global Village Co

powered by sharing

Global Village is a social enterprise set up by Natalie Mogford and Olivia Brown who passionately believe that no one should ever feel alone in their thoughts or situation. The facts are that:

- 1 in 3 Australian adults experience emotional distress each year.

- 50% of the time we are not sharing with those closest to us.

- 1 in 4 Australian adults are lonely - whilst being surrounded by others.

- Emotional health is strongly related to mental health.


Global Village are on a mission to help people become emotionally fit. Emotional health has a significant impact on our ability to cope with everyday stressors and achieve a level of contentment with our situation.

We focus on four enablers to bring their work to life, underpinned by the insight that there is immense power in sharing:

  • acknowledging that self-discovery is the start of positive change

  • harnessing the scientifically proven health benefits of giving

  • connection and the power of sharing with others

  • collaboration to bring our work to life

Our most exciting initiative is the creation of a free app which allows users to access support for any life challenge. An app that can be tapped into at any time which has the potential to increase wellbeing in people all over the world and contribute to addressing the global epidemic of loneliness, depression and anxiety.

There will be two easy ways to connect within the Global Village App:



Users can receive support by reaching out to the village and simply asking a question. They may ask anonymously or against their profile. They may ask for practical support, emotional support or both. They choose which gender sees and responds to their questions. A users own control is central to the app.


Users can give support by responding to questions. There is immense power in reaching out and helping others, simply by providing tips or sharing experiences they can feel less alone. Science proves giving has profound health and wellbeing benefits for both receivers and givers. Read more.


The Global Village App is on it’s way to being built. Sign up now to be first to know when we are live.

Magic happens when you can connect with another human who has been through (or is going through) a like experience. They are not always your nearest and dearest.

the power of connecting with a stranger.

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