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Story is a free magazine. The textual content consists of stories submitted by every day people that together with visual portfolios and artwork formulate a unique approach to sharing. Art and photography are the foundation on which these stories exist with featured artists being invited to add and collaborate for different issues. The vision is for these stories to connect whilst creating a cultural voice and artistic expression.


Story No. 1 - will be launched soon and available through selected retail outlets, so stay tuned!


We all have a story to share that has the power to move, inspire or simply let someone know they are not alone in their thoughts or situation. We invite you to submit a story. A single story of a moment, one to connect and to inspire but most importantly an authentic snapshot in time of a moment or event that moved you or there was a shift, a realisation.

It’s a blank canvas where you can paint and draw with any words. There's no limit, there's no format, there's no rules, just you. 

It’s important to write like no ones reading…

Submissions for Story No. 2 are now open.

Submit your story to story@globalvillageco.com with a signed copy of our Submission Terms below.